Peace - Bereavement Service

Despite advances in treatment, young people continue to die from childhood liver disease. But CLDF support doesn’t stop – it continues for you and your family whenever you need it.

Nothing can take away the pain of losing  a child and everyone deals with grief in their own way, in their own time. 

CLDF support does not end when a child dies.  We understand that the family starts a new, individual journey. If you would like to speak to a member of the CLDF team, please contact us here.

We are not automatically informed when a child dies so please do let us know so we can see if we can be of any help. You can email us or call 0121 212 6023.

If you feel you cannot let us know that your child has died, you can ask the hospital, a friend or relative to do so on your behalf. A member of the families team will then get in touch with you, if you would like us to.

We are grateful to the following generous donors:

  • Mr Malcolm Downing, in memory of Mrs Lillian Ray Joan Downing
  • Catholic Parish of Melbourne & Castle Donington – Advent Project 2010